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Fit N secure is a self defence and fitness training academy where different forms of martial arts and fitness techniques are taught.
Fit n secure was started by Deepak Babbar in 2012.
He is a certified unarmed combat professional mix martial arts self defence instructor with overall experience of more than 15 years. 
He has practiced various martial arts (jiu-jistu,  muay-thai, boxing, kick boxing , krav maga etc.)


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Why fitnsecure


# It's practical and real situation based
Most martial arts are strongly based in tradition, and as a result often apply  strange techniques. Krav Maga is different. Krav Maga techniques are based on real life situation.

# High Self-Confidence

Due to the improved physical capabilities that one acquires in the  course of practising our self defence, one can be better equipped to deal with threatening situations in your day to day life and this boosts  your self-Confidence.

# Stress release

Like any form of intense physical activity, this form of fitness can be a great way to cope with stress and keep those endorphins flowing.

# Highly adaptive Self-Defence

One of the key benefits of learning Krav Maga is the ability and the confidence to effectively defend oneself from possible threats by acting fast and using your surroundings to your advantage. This self defence requires a practitioner to utilise any weaknesses in an opponent and use them to their advantage.

# Extreme awareness of surroundings

As this system is highly adaptive and fast, the practitioner gets conditioned to develop a keen awareness of his/her surroundings. This is absolutely crucial in order to stay prepared at all times.

Our Philosophy


Self defence is action taken to prevent or reduce harm to oneself threatened by another.

 The benefits of our fitness training programme are both physical and psychological. Physically you will lose weight, gain functional muscle and become stronger, fitter and faster. Psychological you will gain confidence by pushing yourself and this will give you the mindset and determination in any self defence contradiction.  

Great fitness , strength and cardio will power yourself defence ability. Now add a combative element to your fitness training and you will be amazed how fun and physically demanding fitness training can be. Fitnsecure specialises in functional fitness training for all level of fitness, ordinary individuals, fighters,  and children.

If self defence is important for woman, it is equally important for man.Our self defence system explains how everything including a pen can be used to escape an assault or how and where to kick for maximum pain.

Merging martial arts and fitness not only teaches someone to protect themselves while getting fit but it also engages their minds in a way most standard fitness classes don't. 

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I Joined fitnsecure purely to learn self defence and dealing in situations of close combat which is quite common  in road rages these days . i knew I've to learn to defend myself if i face such situations. The fitness comes free with the training, I literally felt more energetic after each training sessions. My body's metabolism being more active and taking stiffness away from muscles.  Staying calm in panic situations was a beautiful reward i got from the sessions and it even helped me in my daily life. I felt more confident walking on the streets knowing i can defend myself and whosoever is with me. The art i learned was krav maga designed by Israel forces which is most effective in close encounters  of rage and get out of it as soon as possible. I recommend it to everyone looking to learn self defence, staying fit, achieving flexible and confident body pressure.



My experience was great with FitnSecure. I learnt a lot as my instructor focused on improving my technique. The training was multidimensional helping me gain insight in different aspects of Krav Maga.



My Accidental Encounter with kravMaga

Since my childhood i have practiced various martial arts like Taekwondo, Karate, and little boxing as well. Knowing very less about KravMaga, I had no interest, however my brother convinced me to try for few classes. After practicing for a while, I realized that this is the only Self defence system that is designed to handle real-life threats and is based on your natural body reflexes. And of course is not a "sport". Joining KravMaga with Deepak Sir was a life changing decision for me. I was able to control my aggresiveness, energy, became more focussed, became vigilant, learned how not only to protect myself, but also protect others, better fitness, and many more. Deepak sir don't teach everyone the same way, which we usually see in many training centres. He spends required time with each student to train them as per their body structure, strength and weaknesses. After training with him for 5 years, I still have not found a better KravMaga instructor than him. I strongly recommend to train with him, and i wish him all the best.

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